About us

Who We Are

At CTI Construction Inc, we dedicate our construction skills to customers throughout the five boroughs of New York City, including Long Island and New Jersey. Besides what we can offer as a general contractor, we take pride in our consulting service. Expert opinions are provided to our clients during, and even after, their projects to help make the best decisions possible. We firmly believe that only through honest and responsible trades can there be a lasting system, profitable and rewarding to us all. To us, each project is more than just a building, it’s a legacy.

Why Us

As your general contractor, we take responsibility in the overall condition of every project, From hiring the best qualified subcontractors and acquiring permits, to providing materials and scheduling inspections, we manage efficient communication among parties to minimize costs while ensuring the success of each final product. It is our pleasure to  sustain both the efficiency and quality of our projects.

As your consultant, we love sharing our expert opinions to help you make wise decisions. From concept all the way to finished product, our goal is to provide you with unrivaled support every step of the way and pragmatic solutions before problems even arise. With over 40 years of experience, we dedicate all our professional knowledge to your project 24/7.


Our Team

Jonathan Chang

President / Construction Manager

  • CTI Construction Inc.

  • Keystone Development Corp.

  • Shiny Construction Inc.

  • Construction & Development Experiences over 15 years

Kwan Yew Teo (Daniel)

Project Director / Jobsite Manager / Jobsite Superintendent

  • CTI Construction, Inc.
  • Keystone Development Corp.



Candy Chan

Office Manager / Financial Coordinator

  • CTI Construction Inc.
  • Keystone Development Corp.



Amy Wang

Project Manager