The construction process as a whole can be a daunting one simply due to all that is involved: hiring labor, applying for work permits, purchasing materials, and more, all of which comes on top of the construction itself. As a general contractor, CTI Construction takes care of the planning involved in your construction project to reduce your overall burden. From the day you break ground to the day your first tenant moves in, our company will manage each step to ensure you stay on time and within budget.


With a hands on approach to managing any given project, we devise a schedule set to your needs and manage every stage of construction. This includes directing those we subcontract, managing the use of materials used for construction, and securing all relevant certificates for the site, all of which take efficiency and cost-effectiveness to heart without sacrificing safety or efficiency.


We understand that construction development is a long-term partnership between us and our customers, as well as the community. As such, you can expect to be kept up to date with reports on the status of your project and to be informed of any potential issues and the resolutions we recommend.

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